CNET's Natalie Morris Tries Cloth Diapers For A Month, find out what she thinks…

It was great to see a CNET’s, Natali Morris, try only cloth diapers for a month and love them!  Yay!

This was someone who has a busy schedule and is certainly not a mom that is tied to the washing machine washing diapers.  She’s a perfect candidate for disposable diapers, but she gave cloth a go and was pleasantly surprised at just how easy she found them.

What were her findings?

Link through here and watch Natali’s experiences with cloth diapers.

So which diapers are Real Nappies?

Real Nappies cloth diapers are a wrap and prefold system similar to the first diaper shown on CNET. They have a 100% cotton diaper, which is separate to the cover.  This makes life SOOOOO much easier, as come diaper change time you simply take out the wet diaper and pop in a dry one.

You keep the same diaper cover on bubs until it gets wet or smelly!

This means less washing, less drying and less cost!

Help I’m so confused!

Natali mentioned that the cloth diaper choices available to new parents are so overwhelming, that many parents just don’t even go there.  I understand that and can totally relate to it!  I know pretty much every cloth diaper out there and when I go online I still get totally confused, Arrrggghhh!

Our solution?

Well this is where the Real Nappies Birth to Potty Pack really comes into it’s own, no more confusing questions like:

What do I need? How many cloth diapers shall I buy?  Which is the best system for me?

Our Birth to Potty Pack is your one-stop solution in a box – everything you will ever need to diaper your baby from Birth up until Potty Trained, all in one box!

How do you know it’s the best system for you?

Put simply, because you, the customer tell us we are the best!  You love our customer service, the quality of our products, the price, the simplicity and that Real Nappies actually work!

PLUS, We are a New Zealand company and are:

  • NZ’s #1 cloth diaper system,
  • The hospital’s choice of diaper to use in Maternity,
  • Used in Daycare Centres

By the way did I also mention we are the ONLY cloth diaper company that gives a 2-child guarantee on our diapers??  We must truly trust in the quality of our products to do that!

Need I say more?  Check us out and discover why Real Nappies cloth diapers will soon become your favourite cloth diaper too.

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2 Child Guarantee? Read about the customer who used Real Nappies Cloth Diapers for 4 babies!!

We love to hear from our customers, and the following testimonial was written by a lovely lady who used our Birth to Potty Pack nappies with 4 of her babies – proof our diapers stand the test of time!  2 Child Guarantee – wow this lady made it to 4!

As a new Mum I was keen to provide my baby with the healthiest most natural start in life but found that often this idealist ‘green’ approach was hard to maintain as our lives are much busier than that of our grandmothers who never had to take baby out in the car etc   so when a friend lent me the ‘snug wrap’ to try I was sceptical that I could keep it up as I had failed with the pins and diaper pants before.  However after two days I was on line and purchased my first set. Continue reading

4 Reasons Why Real Nappies Customers Are So Loyal

Not wanting to boast but we get ALOT of customer feedback – and most of it is good, we’re pleased to say. Yet there seems to be 4 main reasons that once you are a customer of Real Nappies you don’t leave (don’t worry it’s not because we tie you to our diapers)!   Well Why Then?

Well it’s simple really:

1.     Second to none Customer Service. Our Customer Service Team are AWESOME!  They truly are amazing.  Best of all they believe in the product.  All the people on our team use Real Nappies cloth diapers, whether on their own kids, friend’s kids or their grandchildren.  So yes, we know what we are talking about when you ask us a question, and yes, we do use them ourselves!

2.     2-Child Guarantee. That’s right we guarantee our products through 2 of your children*.  So if your Velcro no longer sticks, or your stitching on your diaper cover is coming undone, we replace it (Terms and Conditions do apply).  Do you know of any other reusable diaper that offers this fantastic guarantee?

3.  Real Nappies Work. Well put simply, Real Nappies do what they say they do!  Real Nappies Cloth Diapers do not leak when used properly, Real Nappies prevent diaper rash, save the environment and save you a whole heap of money to boot: so why wouldn’t you use them and stick with them?

3.     Excellent Quality. Well for starters there is no way we could offer such a fantastic 2-child guarantee if our products weren’t top notch quality.  We have scouered the globe for the best quality products we can buy.  Our cotton cloth diapers have the ‘Okeo-tex certification’ and are made of the best Indian Cotton money can buy, our diaper wraps and cotton cloth diapers are used in Day Care Centers and Hospitals in New Zealand, and our flushable, biodegradable diaper bioliners are sold by the truck load to customers around the globe.  We’ve been in the cloth diaper market for over 7 years now and we pass on these years of experience to you, we’ve saved you the hassle of searching for the best cloth diaper system on the market:

Congratulations: you’ve found them…. Welcome to REAL NAPPIES.

Amazon Buyers Love Real Nappies Birth To Potty Packs!

Real Nappies Birth to Potty Pack are fast becoming one of our best selling items and no wonder!  This pack contains all the diapers you will ever need for your little one at a ridiculously low price.  PLUS with the 2 child guarantee what more could you want?  Now come on we all have better things to do with our hard earned dollar then throwing your money away with disposable diapers.  Come on, give it a go, you’ve got nothing to loose and everything to gain.  Our thousands of happy customers can’t all be wrong…

One of our happy customers wrote a great review on Amazon, so good we thought you may like to read some of it, so we’ve put it into a list of reasons to use Real Nappies, for the full review check it out at Amazon!

1.  Other uses for Real Nappies:

‘I ordered the birth to potty pack because this system had the best reviews.  Continue reading

Real Nappies Boosters- Dry Enough To Eat Your Breakfast Off?

We thought you might find this customer feedback amusing – the example used by one of our valued customers for how dry our Boosters keep your baby made us chuckle and we wanted to share it with you:

Now I am using the Cloth Diaper booster pads correctly, the side that goes against Harry is so dry in the morning you could eat your breakfast off it!  He is definitely not waking due to feeling wet now and I’m delighted to say our emergency pack of disposables for his current size is untouched and we’re about to move up a level.


Thanks Miranda for your feedback – we very much appreciate the time it takes to send us feedback – good or bad.

Our Boosters make a fantastic doubler for night time use of Real Nappies Cloth Diapers. Continue reading

Why Cotton Is Best For Gulf Oil Spill

Yet another plug for cotton – once again commending it’s natural absorbency, now let’s face it, if Expert’s claim it would be absorbent enough for the Gulf Oil Spill, we think we’re pretty safe to assure you that Real Nappies cloth Diapers that are made oft the best Indian Cotton available would be absorbent enough for even the heaviest diaper wetter!

Nonwovens Expert: Cotton Is Best For Gulf Oil Spill
Posted on May 18, 2010 @ 08:41 am

As oil continues to gush from the exploded Deepwater Horizon oil rig, a Texas Tech expert in nonwoven cotton technology believes that cotton may do a better job to absorb the oil spill than the booms made of synthetic material. Continue reading

More Potty Training Tips!!

One thing I will suggest with Potty Training is don’t rush!  To be honest at 18 months to potty train is really early and the danger of potty training too early is your little one may revert back to diapers.  Having said that little ones train at different ages so here are a few signs to look out for and then go for it.  It may take a few attempts, but never push and if your littlie starts getting frustrated leave it a couple of weeks and then try again.  Many little ones when they hit the 2 year (or around that stage), they show an instant sign of wanting to potty train – showing an interest when you go to the toilet, or wanting to sit on the toilet or taking their diapers off.  Continue reading

Boil wash – NO THANKS!

Boil Wash – no way!

Cloth diapers – swooshing them around the toilet, boiling the diapers, soaking for days…..  ARRRRGGGHHHH!

Not with Real Nappies!  We have developed our own solution down here in our little green New Zealand that eliminates the problem of needing to soak and totally abolishes the need to hot wash.  Continue reading

Real Nappies – the little black dress of Cloth Diapers!

Real Nappies are trendy, funky and look great in the summer under dresses or just on their own!  Real Nappies Cloth Diapers are an essential piece in any vogue babies’ wardrobe.  Continue reading

Our One-way diaper liners are soooo soft!

Real Nappies new Diaper Liners are super soft and yet so strong!  Our optional bioliners are made of viscose and their special one-way action helps keep baby even drier.  The liners are 100% biodegradable meaning you can flush them away in the toilet with the solids and because they are fully biodegradable they are even suitable for spectic tanks.  Plus for a real organic lifestyle you can even throw them in the compost! Continue reading