Why Our Birth to Potty Pack Beats The Rest

Hello All,

I want to explain why Real Nappies Birth to Potty Pack is the best pack of diapers on the market.

There are quite a few cloth diaper brands out there now and some of them offer their own kind of Birth to Potty Pack.  They go by slightly different names but they are essentially being marketed as doing the same or a similar thing, basically seeing your baby through for diapers from birth to pottty.

If you are thinking about buying a pack similer to this please consider and compare what you are getting.  This is what our Real Nappies Birth to Potty Pack contains:

78 100% cotton diapers  (24 x NB, 24 x INF, 18 x CRAW, 12 x TODD)

23 PUL covers (6 x NB, 6 x INF, 6 x CRAW, 5 x TODD)

800 Flushable/Biodegradable Liners (8 x 100 rolls)

2 packs of Nappy Fresh (500g each)

1 pack of night boosters (2 pack)

Training pants

Waterproof drawstring bag


Oh, and a helpful leaflet.

So please compare what you get here, and the price, to the pack you are considering and don’t forget the two child guarantee.

Take Care.


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